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Buy it for Life: Why We Choose Quality Over Price

By Scotti Ian Ogden
Owner of Ogden Contracting LTD.

There is a hidden cost of cheap products.
Be a conscious consumer & buy high quality products that last a lifetime.

I encourage my homeowners to spend their money on better, higher quality products. Rather than constantly needing to replace fixtures and renovate, you want a home that you are going to enjoy for many years.

As a builder, when I buy building materials for my customers’ homes, I always have the product’s longevity in mind. Will this product offer long-term value? Most homebuilders and home owners try to save money by purchasing cheaper building materials/fixtures. If you’re on a budget then this can be effective; however, it is not the best practice. Substandard products can be problematic in the long-run and often cost more to maintain.

For example, I often see my clients looking for deals on roofing materials. Roofing is definitely something you don’t want to cheap out on, especially in the Lower Mainland where it rains for weeks on end. Cheaping out on something like roofing can lead to damage to your home and ultimately decrease your property value.

Be a Conscious Consumer

Being a thoughtful consumer means that you understand that purchasing is a privilege. As consumers, we all have a choice as to how much and how often we are purchasing. Poor quality products that need to be replaced often are wasteful and harmful to our environment.

“Cheap” is Unsustainable

Take plumbing fixtures for example, you can buy the same product from a reputable plumbing retailer as a “big box” hardware store. Big box stores can offer the product 20% cheaper. Why is this? Manufacturers create products for the big box stores with the same appearance but the internal components of, let’s say a kitchen faucet, are made up of plastic parts that fail over a short period of time. Reputable plumbing wholesalers sell top quality fixtures that are made up of brass and copper, and they have a lifetime warranty on parts.

Tile and flooring is another example of why cheap products are unsustainable. You can pretty much buy tile and flooring anywhere. Some retail stores offer a tremendous discount. These are surfaces you walk on all day long. It’s important that you purchase your tile and flooring from a dealer that offers installers and guarantees the product for at least 5 years.

What is the Best Way to Find Good Quality?

The best way to find good quality products and building materials for your home is to hire the right builder that has experience and knowledge in the industry. I know which companies offer warranties and great customer service in case anything breaks.

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