Best Practices When Working From Home: Top 6 Work From Home Productivity Tips

By Scotti Ogden
Owner of Ogden Contracting LTD

Mastering Productivity in the Comfort of Your Home

Many of us nowadays have the luxury of working remotely. While working from home can be rewarding, saving us commute time, and the cost of fuel, it comes with challenges. It is easy to lose motivation and get distracted by things to do around the house. Often not being in a work only environment can keep us from being productive. Here are my top tips for maximizing productivity if you work from home.

Top 6 Work From Home Productivity Tips

1. Have a Designated Workspace

Set up an office space for yourself, a space only used for work. This will help you separate work from leisure. Using the kitchen table or sofa as an office is not ideal. Additionally, keep all of your work things in that space, buy pens for the home and another set of pens for the office to ensure you’re always set up for a successful work day. Keeping this space clean and organized is essential to mastering productivity. Take 10 minutes at the end of each work day to tidy your space, having a clean desk in the morning will help you have a clear headspace and ultimately lead to better cognitive function.

2. Set Clear Boundaries

Another great practice is to set clear boundaries. A good example would be specific boundaries around hours of operation. Let your family and friends know what your hours of operation are so that they know not to interrupt your workday, or expect a response from you within that time. When it comes to quick chores like switching the laundry over, remember this boundary. Quick distractions can take hours away from your workday. It’s important to keep in mind that after each interruption, it can take you five to ten minutes to get back into the flow of work. You can also place a “do not disturb” sign on your office door.

3. Take Regular & Scheduled Breaks

Take regular breaks throughout the day. This was a hard one for me, because especially if you’re a business owner, you know that there is always something more to be done. If I don’t schedule in regular breaks, I either take too many breaks, or most often ‘ll work till the end of the day and finish feeling hungry and tired which in the end affects my overall performance. I recommend using something like the tomato timer which gives you 25 minutes to work and 5 minutes of break. This gives you an opportunity to do things that recharge you like fill your water bottle and move your body.

4. Stay Connected

Stay connected by setting up zoom meetings with customers, staff, and colleagues. Isolating yourself can lead to depression, and ultimately will hurt you in the long run.

5. Get Dressed

I know this seems like a no-brainer, but this is the simplest and the most important part of a successful work from home scenario. There are several reasons why dressing up for work (even if it’s at home) is a good idea.

  • Mindset: You take your job more seriously by signaling your brain that it’s time for work. If you get dressed, look, and act the part, you demonstrate you care for your job.
  • Setting the standard: If your employees, co-workers or clients come by your home office, you want to ensure you’re dressed properly for work.

6. Move your Body

I encourage anybody who works from home to incorporate movement into their daily routine. Not only is this beneficial to your physical health, but it will also increase focus and energy levels.

Ideas for Movement:

  • Every Step Counts: Walk or pace while on the phone
  • Standing Desk: purchase a standing desk to increase blood flow
  • Improve Posture: Having a desk job is hard on your body, put up a sticky note with a reminder to sit up straight while at your desk.
  • Celebrate wins with a clamp or dance
  • Take small stretching breaks

Overall, working from home is a privilege. Always remember that this is just a job. To get real fulfillment in life, you need to work on relationships and giving to those that matter to you.

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